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Pouliots Auto Expo, Inc in Escanaba, has been in business for 33 years, we specialize in Alternate Financing. Alternate Finance Credit Link Super Centers allows clients all over the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin an opportunity to purchase/finance a vehicle even though past credit, no credit or bankruptcy has hampered their opportunities to do so.

Our Program is based on what we call B.O.A (based on application) which allows the clients to write their own terms for the contract, (within our program parameters) based on their past credit, time on the job, etc..

A major benefit with our program has been the opportunity for our clients to reestablish credit through this program. We call this CREDIT DOCTOR. We finance a large majority of our vehicles through local Banks and Credit Unions which allow our clients to show good payment history on their credit report. Also, we have an in-house extended service contract (part of what we call our Total Protection Plan) that we have provided our clients for the last 20 years. We have enhanced this Total Protection Plan from 6 months/6,000 miles all the way up to 24 months/24,000 miles. This extended service contract is also financed right into the deal, so no money is needed up front for this coverage.

Another benefit to this program is our Repair Here - Pay Here Program. If a client has purchased an extended service contract through this program they are entitled to have other repairs that wouldn't normally be covered by the extended service program, and are allowed to make payments on their repairs.

Even if a client has a vehicle now, but would like to upgrade, we have what we call our Layaway Program, which allows the client to pick out the vehicle of their choice and make payment towards the down payment. Once the down payment has been completed they may pick up their vehicle and start normal payments. Down payments range from $200 to 30% of the vehicle retail price.

We understand people value their time off and don't have an abundance of extra time to look for a vehicle, or fill out applications, but we sincerely state that every client is approved. Nobody is Turned Down...Nobody, which has become our motto over the years. As long as you work or have a steady income you will be approved. Once our clients find a vehicle they can be driving it in hours, not days. It's that easy.

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