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"Living on disability means a very limited income.  Banks laughed at me after each application.  I needed a car badly and no way of getting one, until the day I walked into Pouliots.  I immediately told John I didn’t have a job and that my income was very low.  He smiled and started working with me right away.  I drove out of there with not only a super car, but also with a sense of being someone and having gained a friend.  That was many years ago and I have gone back since and bought another vehicle from them with the same great quality.  It’s nice to know that someone cares.  John has also gone out of his way to accommodate me whenever a repair was need.  Thanks John.  You’re one in a million!”Barb Gagnon


“I have past credit problems and I was treated like a person.  Not like a bank where you are looked down on.  The entire experience was great.  You have great vehicles and great prices, as well as being very flexible with the down payment” Jason Vandernate

"We were pleased with your business.  The sales staff remembered us from years ago.  U.S. Autos had the right vehicle for us.  The sales person was friendly, and they were super patient with letting us take our time on choosing the vehicle that we desired."  -  Ed & Alice Page

"I felt the company was excellent.  I like the promptness and flexibility in getting the vehicle.  I didn't know what to expect but they did have the perfect truck I wanted.  The owners were most helpful to me." -- Cort Bates

"Overall I felt that staff was excellent as well as the service.  The thing that made me most happy was my purchase of a vehicle.  I was pleased to find a reliable vehicle.  We are very happy with the results.  Will was most helpful to me, with helping me select a vehicle and keeping me posted on my loan stats."  -- Heather Belden

"We felt your company was great!  Very respectful.  The thing that made us most happy was when you said, "YES!"  We didn't know for sure what to expect.  "Will" was the most helpful the entire way."  -- Patrick Magee

Leonard first became our client June of 2002.  "I felt the staff was exceptionally nice, with all questions answered.  Everyone was very friendly.  I was treated with individual attention.  I test drove as many vehicles as I was interested in.  What made me even happier was that the staff did not make me hurry into my decision.  --  Leonard Schvittay

I didn't think I was going to get a vehicle.  I was treated wtih great respect and courtesy.  Pouliot's had such a friendly environment and that was the last thing I was expecting.  I didn't think I would get approved for a vehicle, I was shocked!  John was very helpful and friendly, he answered all my questions."  I am pleased with the vehicle I bought from your company.  --  Anthony Collison

I felt the company was very pleasant and I am very happy with extra features.  It made me particularly happy when I was able to get a layaway.  We were hoping to be treated friendly and was very pleased with the results.  You had just the vehicle I was looking for.  -- Michael Auderess

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